The Problem

Manufacturers want to commercialise their product beyond local shores but are challenged to find reliable and competent distributors to expand their business.

– lack of awareness of regulations and cultures

– uncertain revenue stream in the first years

– trusting the business partner

Distributors have difficulty sourcing for reliable manufacturers that could possibly bring more cost-effective products

– marketing

– customer perception

– trust on the product quality

Both parties have limited budgets to network and visit or set up booths in trade shows.

Search engines and websites are now the first port of call for any query.

However, we all default to mostly connections, or recommendations, back to the same few partners for a lack of a better way.

Our Solution

Partner’s Portal by Access-2-Healthcare

Access-2-Healthcare’s targeted online solution provides a NO-cost, low-risk method for sourcing channels and new partners – the Partner’s Portal.

What Partners Portal can do for me?

Connect with partners that you would otherwise be unaware of

Explore new possibilities, potentially introduce new technologies and cost effective solutions to new markets

With improved consumer confidence, our efforts ultimately contribute to lowering healthcare costs.

The Partners’ Portal Connects Healthcare Businesses Efficiently

It’s fast

It’s available globally

Your organisation’s full profile is secure only to you and your connections

It’s all healthcare & medical technology companies only

It’s always free